Creative designer Aurelie Gandilhon
Props and Set designer Aurelie Gandilhon
Scenography Aurelie Gandilhon
Project managment Aurelie Gandilhon
Props and set designer Aurelie Gandilhon
Visual designer Aurelie Gandilhon

Hi! I am AUREL



Aurel followed her childhood dreams when she discovered the magic of a stage at a young age: a universe where everything is possible, and dreams can become real. She pushed the door of French renown operas and started working as a technician. Talented with designing and fixing things with her hands, she realized that her creativity could support the magic to happen.

Aurel is a genuine dreamer, full of new ideas that she loves to share. She is very much into action and planning. And she has a secret passion for Cabaret and is inspired by movie sound tracks. Self-driven and fast learner, she developed her skills to become set designer, scenographer, artistic director and pursued her career internationally working with big names in the industry.

She became a reliable and efficient team player that colleagues enjoy working with. She gained experience managing multi-cultural team across the globe, always focused on finding solutions that are cost efficient and creating visual and emotional impact.

Aurel’s design work starts from the user experience, then focuses on the visual details leading to transform conceptual ideas into emotions. 
From hand drawing to final touch painting, she loves to work with textures, lights and a whole range of materials. 

Globe-trotter, curious and daring, she is always up for new challenges and will be happy to bring her magic professional touch to your projects.

Aurel’s professional experiences in more detail:

She started her artistic career knocking at the door of opera productions such as Opera Garnier’ in Paris, the Theatre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussels, the Marseille Opera and the Festival d’Art Lyrique in Aix-en-Provence gaining technical experience.

In 2009, she traveled across Asia,collaborating with Franco Dragone on The House of Dancing Water, Taboo 1, Taboo 2, Taboo 4 in Macao.

She also collaborated with different productions for The French May 2013 festival in Hong Kong, which is the largest French festival in Asia.

In 2013, she joined Uniplan (Global Brand Experience agency) as performance and show production expertwithin the Luxury Event creative team in Shanghai and Hong Kong.  She organized events for Louis Vuitton, Maserati and Moet & Chandon.

Till today, she keeps supporting luxury events such as TUFF Event forthe annual Ocean Monaco Prince Foundation Gala.

In 2015, she worked with Franco Dragone team on the HAN show in Wuhan, Le LIDO in Paris, the DAI show in Xishuangbanna and other creation in China, Dubai, and Moscow.

In 2016, she joined the famous worldwide company BALICH for the Special Olympic Games Flag Handover between Austria and Abu Dhabi, designing the set and large-scale props for this amazing Event.

In 2017, she started a new collaboration with SOKOL Show and Wanda production in Harbin, China. She was in charge of the props design department : from  conception to creation as well as artistic production.

She designed the set and props for the Thunder Chase Haikou stunt show at the 100 Theme Park in China delivering an incredible set design representing a 100-meter-long tailor-made realistic Spanish city.

Since 2018, she was involved in design and creation for Holiday on Ice shows across Europe and Middle East. She also took part in agreat collaboration with STUFISH for the in Atlantis show and Supernova.

In the same year, she designed the BONBONNE club in Marseille, place today defined as the most arty and trendy club in town.

In 2019, she collaborated to Le Petit Prince show, designing props for this production stagedin Dubai, Broadway, Sydney and Riyadh. 

She also joined Le cirque du Soleil team for the X show in Hangzhou, China working with Chinese colleagues as set / props production manager.

Since 2020, she’s been busy with different collaborations such as the well-known escape game The Dark Dreams Marseille, the Rocher Mistral great immersive show project of Château de la Barben for which she created the sets with her team of artists.

In 2021, she supported the Novaland Aqua stunt show in Vietnam, designing their sets.

In 2022, she was called by Culture Creative Limited as associate producer to manage the Sentiers Lumineux show at the Parc Floral in Paris, pilot project to be duplicated in major European cities in the coming years.

In 2023, coming works include the FIFA annual Gala in Rwanda for Publicis agency as artistic director. She also designed sets for the Imagination Park, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, specifically in charge of Netflix immersive experiences.

My Skills


  • My Hands
  • Sketch Up Pro
  • Lumion Pro
  • Photoshop
  • In Design
  • Adobe


  • Set / Props design
  • Set & Props production
  • Site team Management
  • 3D rendering
  • Graphic design
  • show Conception


  • On time
  • swiss Kniff
  • Creative
  • English
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Team player
  • Energetic

My Experience

I love challenge, new projects, design, bringing crazy ideas alive



NETFLIX / Riyadh Imagination Park


FIFA Gala Diner 2023 / Publicis Geneva

ASSOCIATe producer

Culture creative Lighting creation in PAris Floral PArk


Rocher Mistral Stunt Show creation



Monaco Prince Ocean Charity Gala Diner


Rocher Mistral Immersive Show creation



TUFF EVENT Monaco Ocean Gala


Holiday On Ice


Senior set and Props Production

X SHOW / Cirque du Soleil

Scenographer / Props designer

Le Petit Prince / Sokol Show


SEt design Creative

Bonbonne Club / Marseille

Show concept illustrations

SEP entertainment / SOKOL Show


Set designer / Production

Haikou 100 Theme Park Stunt Show

Set designer / Production

Balish World Wild Milan / Austria / Abou Dabi


PROPS / SET Project Manager

Franco Dragone

Lido De PAris
Rixo Theme Park Turkey
Kirkorov Tour Moscou
Han Show China
Dai Show China


Senior Art Production Manager

Uniplan Shanghai / Hong Kong

Louis Vuitton
Moet et Chandon
Le Coultre
Jocket Club
Art BAsel


Set design

Cabaret des Années Folles Show
French May HK


Props Designer / production

Taboo Show 1 / 2 / 4 Macau
Franco Dragone


Props technicien

The House of Dancing water Macau
Franco Dragone

Set Designer

Theater Association HK 
Le père NOël est une Ordure


Machinist Stage

International Lyric Opera Festival
Aix en Provence


Props production Manager EVENT

The Crown Opening Macau
Franco Dragone / Luc Petit


Scenic PAinter / Stage MAchinist

International Lyric Opera Festival/ Aix en Provence
The Munt / Bruxelles
Opéra de MArseille / France
Opéra Garnier / PAris

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