Away from Home

How can you brighten up your loved one’s day when away, far away from home? Here are 9 tips and tools to fight loneliness and how you can go about staying connected to loved ones.  Find that spark that keeps people together from every region of the globe!

1. Social media is obviously likely to be your best ally on that quest. Wechat, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger are your go-to apps for some free face to face conversations.

2. Emoticons have also proven to be incredibly efficient when it’s time to share and send your love. Despite the distance, he or she will be happy to start their day with that heart, the rose or this heart-eyed emoji you’ve sent the previous night.

3. Ordering a bouquet of flowers that will be delivered to their door the day after your plane took off is another must to add to your pre-departure list!

4. Be creative! Use the Internet to get some fresh inspiration every week if you have to, but try and find some unusual or personalized gift for that special person. A framed picture of the two of you, a mug that bears their name, a heart-shaped helium balloon that will fly out of a regular-looking box or a basket filled with sweets or flowers… There is something for everyone and for every occasion out there! Be inspired and make them feel special with these inexpensive surprises. Regardless of the price, remember that your better half’s smile is priceless after all!

5. Ask a friend who lives near-by to go on “secret missions” such as going to the next town to get that special pie he or she is so fond of. That always works!

6. Send pictures of what your days are filled with on a regular basis. Let them see the locations that you get to see and their best-hidden secrets that you’ve made your own. By sharing as much of your daily life as you can, you’ll both avoid feeling disconnected from one another.

7. Don’t go over-board with constant phone calls as they can turn into a burden if either of you is busy, especially if you got that time difference wrong! Planning ahead moments when both are available will avoid deceptions and frustrations. How about taking your coffee break together, even with an ocean in between?

8. Taking a few seconds just to send a simple “I love you” or “Miss you” whenever these thoughts hit you will help to cope with the inability of saying those words out loud to the one you love.

9. Give them the playlist that you listen to on the road and dedicate your favourite songs to your favourite person. He or she will listen to them in their car or on the bus and think of you.

Any way to express your love for that special person is good to get the two of you closer, go for it!